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Claudia Frische

Claudia Fritsche
Ambassador, Principality of Liechtenstein

The Principality of Liechtenstein has a long history deeply rooted in the German language. Bordering both Austria and the German-speaking region of Switzerland and with Germany a short distance to the north, Liechtenstein is centered in the significant presence of the German language in Europe. Though most Liechtensteiners speak an Alemannic dialect, standard German (Hochdeutsch) is understood and used by all in order to communicate and work within Liechtenstein and the German-speaking world.

Learning foreign languages is at the core of a better global understanding. Individuals who have control of one or more foreign languages are better able to impact people and themselves. Foreign language capabilities allow an individual to be better marketable when looking for jobs and enables them to reach out to others more effectively. It also allows one to gain a better understanding of different cultures, customs and histories.

Learning a foreign language such as German has the added benefit of enhancing a student's knowledge of his or her own native language. As to develop an understanding of a foreign language, one must also have good control of their own. Engaging children in a foreign language can therefore work in tandem with the schooling of native languages such as English. This is why I support the German Language School Conference and its mission of supporting the teaching of the German language and its heritage in the United States.

Claudia Fritsche, Ambassador
Principality of Liechtenstein

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